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We’ve all watched awesome porno’s where the guy gives the girl a never ending orgasm with his mouth. Haven’t you always wondered if it was real or fake? Haven’t you ever asked yourself “Wow, how did he do that, and how can I do it?” Because we all know a satisfied woman is a happy woman and a happy woman tends to be naughtier and kinkier!

 It’s not that hard and most guys don’t even understand what they can do to a woman if they can do it right. It is proven that twice as many women orgasm from oral sex than from intercourse. If you can blow her mind with your mouth, she will give you more than you can ever imagine. Just watching her twists turn around and scream in ultimate pleasure will be sure to be rewarding. To perform the perfect cunnilingus, you need to be aware that women take time to warm up for sex. So she can truly enjoy the cunnilingus experience and achieve the ultimate orgasm, you will need to go slow and build the sexual anticipation and desire inside of her.


Use your hands first. Put your dick and your tongue away for now and concentrate on making her feel desired. Run your hands lightly over her body. Kiss her mouth, neck, her shoulders, her stomach, the inside of her thighs and so on. Do these slowly and tease her.

 You’re setting the mood and she needs to relax fully for a powerful orgasm. Make your way to the wonderful pussy without inserting fingers or adding tongue. Taunt her labia as you nibble slowly and gently bite it. Tantalize her opening just a little bit but don’t overdo it. Squeeze and pull gently on her lips. Keep your hands moving on her softly; caress her wonderful body and curves. Grab her thighs, her tummy, and of course her pelvic arch. DO NOT touch her clitoris, not yet! It will drive her crazy Guaranteed!


Add your tongue. Gently move between her legs. Slightly kiss, blow, nibble and stroke her inner thighs her belly and her hips. Now gently spread her legs and softly fondle her pubic mound for a little while. Slowly move your tongue around her clitoris without touching it. Flatten your tongue and use long wide strokes to explore her inner and outer lips, her vagina and around her clitoris. Start at the perineum (surface region between the pubis symphysis and the coccyx) and lick up and down slowly and around her clitoris.

Now lick up and down her labia then shift to the middle and tease her opening a little bit with your tongue. Attend to her lips, gently suck them and use your fingers to caress her all the while concentrating on using your tongue to make her moan. By now she should already want more. You need to pay attention to her. You are trying to get her to want it bad, watch her breathing, when it gets faster and heavier you’re doing something right and you need to repeat that.


It’s time to move on to the clitoris, the most erogenous spot on a woman’s body. It has over 8000 nerve endings and they need your full attention. Make sure she is aroused (you’ll know, moaning, breathing, arching of the back are all signs that she is loving it) before moving to these step. Give it a little lick, pause, move to the side without touching it, only briefly brushing against it with your tongue.

Then slowly move your way back to her clitoris and suck it softly and slowly. You need to try out different patterns while licking and sucking her clit. You’ll know when you’ve found the right one. Most women prefer firm pressure and repetitive motion but every woman is different this is why you need to pay attention to her body signs of pleasure. Make sure you dive into her and that she knows you love giving her pleasure. If she likes sex talk, tell her how delicious she tastes while teasing her clit. Go from slow to faster but don’t overdo the fast. Feel her, her body will tell you, hold her legs down and show her you want her all.


When you feel she is close to orgasm, slow down and reintegrate a little finger play. There are different finger techniques you can use to make her want you more than ever. She will never know what hit her and she will beg you to fuck her. If she isn’t begging for an orgasm then something went wrong. Here are a few fingering techniques you can use. - Use your fingers to hold the lips apart. This makes the clitoris stiffer which makes it even more sensitive. Some girls hold their own lips apart while masturbating to get to orgasm faster and stronger. Never stop using your tongue. Don’t forget to alter between the licking, sucking her clit and pausing to lick the inside of her lips while holding her lips apart. I know it’s not easy to multi task but try using one hand on her clit and the other over her thighs, legs, tummy and magnificent breasts.

When using a finger to stimulate the clitoris you need to be very precise. Must not be too hard, too fast, and not too slow. You need to feel her needs, place your thumb or finger on her clit, pause, and move it slowly. You can keep licking other parts of her pussy while doing so. You can switch between the two, fingering the clit then licking etc. This is a great technique to use when she is close to orgasm and your tongue is a little tired, give yourself some time to take it easy and rest up for the big finale! - Fingers in. By now your woman should be very wet and very ready. Some woman love penetration while being given oral pleasure. Some don’t, you’ll just have to try and see what works. Slowly insert 2 fingers into her juicy pussy and this should definitely be enough to make her yelp in pleasure. Don’t go with 4 fingers right of the bat, which just might ruin the moment. Use those two fingers with precision and let her feel them inside of her. Moving slowly into her wet pussy and then back. If you feel she loves it you can then try 3 fingers using the same method. Move in and out a few times then out and brush your fingers along her pussy lips. All the way while still taunting her clit with your tongue.

 If you aren’t sure of the right speed or number of fingers to use, simply ask her. Ask her if she likes it slow or fast, if she likes two fingers, three, four? She is the only one you aim to please so her pleasure is the most important thing here. If you do it right you won’t have to ask, her body will let you know. - G-spot time. This is the money shot. While still fingering you partner look for the g-spot. You know that tiny little orgasm maker? That magic little spot that takes her reach the nirvana. Put your fingers in palm facing the ceiling and about two or three inches in you will feel a tiny spongy rough spot. If you can feel this you’ve found it and its time to give her what she wants. Rub it hard, it’s not time to be soft, give it to her, she will surely gasp in pleasure when you hit it so pay attention. It might not give her an instant orgasm but it will stimulate her and when you do bring her the ultimate orgasm you will completely blow her mind with your skills.


You want her to scream your name, you want her to have an orgasm like never before and now it’s time. It’s time to bring it home and make her feel like she is going to explode. Give her the orgasm that will blow her mind and make you the ultimate pleasure giver. You will feel her body starts to tense up, you will feel her legs stiffen as she reaches her climax so whatever you’re doing when her whole body tenses, keep going. Don’t stop, lick harder and faster and suck harder. (Not too hard, it’s a clitoris not a bowling ball) Keep her legs wide open and give it to her. Now when her breathing starts to staccato you know she is just about to cum.

Her body will twist and turn and react to the pleasure you are giving her. Her pelvic muscles will tighten and she will become even wetter. Hold her pelvis while she climaxes. She’s almost there and it’s all because of you, you brought her here. Keep licking her until she yells in a fervent fury of excitement. She will be begging you to go down on her, give it to her! It’s time you make her orgasms like never before. Never stop until she tells you to, right now she’s the boss.

Every woman is different, listen to her needs, focus, and pay attention. Her body and moans will tell you what she likes and what she doesn’t. Listen and repeat and if at first you don’t succeed, try again because we all know practice makes perfect. For a woman nothing compares to getting eaten out. Giving her that satisfaction is exciting and will have amazing repercussions to your sex life and her sex drive. If you can maneuver this the right way and make her climax like never before she will never be the same and will be forever grateful. Don’t be surprised if she starts jumping on you giving you the most exquisite blow jobs just to return the favor.

 Girls do the locker talk thing too, imagine her telling her friends how amazing you where, how you were the best she has ever had and how she climaxed like never before. Next time you meet with her friends, look for that little twinkle in their eye, the envious look, that means they know…they know you are the one responsible for the strongest orgasm ever felt and for bringing ultimate pleasure to a whole new level. You’re the king. Use these 5 techniques to blow her mind with your mouth and make your partner quiver every time you lick your lips and look at her. Have fun!

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