Monday, February 11, 2013


With today’s always improving technology and humans forever unsatisfied need for sex it was inevitable that Cybersex would move up to an important part of almost everyone’s lives. There are many different reasons that attract people to Cybersex and to the thrill of masturbating with complete strangers.

Showing her tits
Maybe it’s the fact that it’s just so plain easy, or maybe some prefer it because of its no nonsense uncomplicated no strings attached way of enjoying safe sex. When Cybersex first became a thing, you probably wouldn’t be caught dead talking about it or sharing your experiences. If it happened to slip your mouth you would have expected people to say “Oh my God you’re secretly a pervert” or “You actually have sex on the internet?”  Today, things are different. We are overloaded with Cyber sexing around almost every corner of the internet and especially in social media sites.   You can’t escape it, it’s there. If you have internet and a computer there’s no way around it you will be confronted with cybersex one day or another. You shouldn’t be dreading it; you should be embracing the possibilities it has to offer you. Decidedly there are many reasons for practicing this technological way of having sex. Cybersex is like real-life sex, it can be an incredible thing filled with pleasure, skill, sexual self-expression and exploration.  Here are the Top 10 reasons to Cybersex and what it can do for you, yes you, non-perverted citizen- stop thinking about it, just do it! 

           1.       SAFETY FIRST
Reason number one, Cybersex is safe. As long as you aren’t stupid enough to fish out personal information to strangers you meet.  You don’t’ need to leave the house and you can be sure you won’t get your ass grabbed by the creepy guy standing next to you at the bar.  You can easily stay home and satisfy your sexual needs over and over again. No need for a babysitter just put the kids to sleep, close your bedroom door and indulge yourself in the almost instant sexual pleasure 

Without a question, one of the most important reasons to have Cybersex is because it is safe sex. It’s an infinite play space with virtually no consequences. Have all the sex you want without a condom and you are sure that your sex play area will stay away from the doctor’s office. 

When you are single it’s not always easy to meet new and interesting people, especially if all you’re looking for is sex. It’s an easily disappointing world and most of the time feelings will be hurt. As a single person, we regularly feel the need and urge to satisfy our sexual desires and no one wants to be called a slut for nourishing that need. Cybersex is the solution. Easily find tons of hot singles looking for the same thing and have all the sexual fun you want without breaking any hearts or being called a floozy.

           4.       IMPROVE YOUR CONFIDENCE.
       Some people can hardly exteriorize their sexual needs to others. They either feel shy or don’t know          how to go about it. Cybersex is the best way to practice it. No awkward first dates, no courting, no lies and no pretending to be someone you’re not just to get someone
in your bed. Just easy on, self confidence booster for beginners and the inexperienced. No one has to know you have a small penis. With enough cyberers wrapped around your sexy, virtual finger, you might just look in the real-life mirror in a whole new way.

           5.       PRACTICING THE REAL THING

No one is perfect! Everybody needs practice because practice makes perfect. Pleasing a woman is not an easy task and giving the perfect blow job is just as hard. Practicing sex just makes you better. Better at understanding your needs and what you like best and recognizing your inexperience. You might think you are a god in bed but I’ve probably been with better partners. Practicing with strangers the art of sex will allow you to be a step ahead of everyone in the sex department without getting laughed at and ridiculed. Learn how to bring yourself the ultimate pleasure and then you will easily be able to bring someone else’s pleasure.

            6.       YOU ARE IN CONTROL

You control the situation. You choose who you want to masturbate to, when, where and what’s even better is that no one has to know you live in your parent’s basement. If you are tired of someone, no need for explanation or complications, just move on to another partner. You decide what you want to do and how. You want to masturbate to a beautiful blond goddess, or maybe you have an unsatisfied fetish for feet and you want to share that urge with others who also have that same appetite? With Cybersex no need for awkward questions like “Hi, I like to masturbate to feet, do you? “  When you meet someone you just want to fuck, just look for someone with the same interests. Simple yet efficient.

Who hasn’t woken up one morning wondering who the person was sleeping next to them? What do you do? Wake them up, kick them out and make breakfast for someone whom you don’t know the name and you just wanted to fuck? You don’t want a morning chit-chat you just wanted to put your dick in a pussy and appease your sexual pulses.  With Cybersex there’s no crap. No awkward “Hi, how was last night? I have to go to work sooooo…. I’ll call you…?” Skip the nonsense and get to webcam sex instead. 

Of course, not all of us suffer from a long distance relationship and frankly I’m not the type to even try it, but I know for a fact that Cybersex is a couple saver. A friend of mine, a military wife told me that Cybersex saved their relationship. Her husband was gone for long periods of time and now he can satisfy his sexual urges with his own wife on webcam and of course she feels the same way. I can only imagine how hard it must have been before webcams existed. The fact that you can fulfil your partner even if he or she is a million miles away is a great reason to Cybersex.

Difference is when you want to fuck someone you need to go through an exhausting list of do’s before even getting to first base. Not everyone will fuck on the first date. You need to clean up nice, find someone fuckable to talk to, take them on a date, have interesting conversations and be a gentleman, ask for another date, clean up nice again, dish out the money for a nice place or activity, be polite (not an easy task when all that your thinking is “I wanna fuck you so bad”) and after all that, if you’re lucky you might get a reasonable fuck out of it…if you are lucky. And if the date goes bad changing your screen name is a whole lot easier than changing your real name. Why would you go through all that crap when all you have to do is open your webcam?  

Trying new kinks isn’t as easy in real life. It might take years until you meet that special someone who likes to suck toes or who would gladly let you dress like a robot and fuck them.  I can just imagine the scenario:  You: “Hi, would you like to fuck?” Them: «Sure why not I was hoping you would ask» You: “Awesome, how about we let my teddy bear join in?” Them: «WTF, you’re a freak» When you cybersex can experiment all you want. All you have to do is search for people with the same crazy fetishes and I’m willing to bet that in the whole world’s population someone out there needs what you need to get off.
     Now everyone knows and it is a proven fact that masturbation       is good for you. Doctors say you should either masturbate or    breed at least once a day and everybody knows you have to listen to your doctor.
     When you have sex you are channeling erotic energy which is beneficial for your sexual well-being, so   
     why not Cybersex? Haven’t I given you enough good reasons? Why are you still reading this? Find a   
     cybersex partner and go fuck yourself, literally.