Friday, March 1, 2013

Pigtailed Teen Stephanie Loves Her Hairy Muff

Pigtailed Teen Stephanie Loves Her Hairy Muff

Sometimes these Asian girls are just downright crazy. Stephanie loves playing pretend – a break from her stereotypical conservative upbringing. Her boyfriend (now ex boyfriend) would indulge her in these schoolgirl fantasy role play games that would just end up turning into ninja flicks and anime movies.
Stephanie the cute amazing asian teen posing in karate style pose
So when Stephanie decided she had enough of him, and started seeing another guy behind his back, her ex has this huge treasure trove of the strangest – and sexiest – poses that you’ve seen in a while. Does this girl think she’s Sailor Moon or something?
Stephanie the gorgeous asian teen getting ready for a role play
I’ve got a feeling you want to see more of teen Asian Stephanie and her love of role playing. Head on over to our Member’s Area and see Stephanie use her new found talents on an eager boyfriend with a camera!

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