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The Top 7 Cringe-Worthy Celebrity Sex Tapes

The Top 7 Cringe-Worthy
 Celebrity Sex Tapes

Leaked, sold, and released into the masses

Ever watch a scary movie and turn your head away in terror? After a couple of seconds your curiosity will kick in and you’ll be sneaking a peak, even if that means squinting to see through the chinks in between your fingers. Next you’ll lower your hands staring straight at the screen even though you know it’ll freak you out. Now, I’m not going to try and convince you that celebrity sex tapes are like horror films, and why would I? Celebrity sex tapes are much worse, and more harmful.

In the 50’s and 60’s the notably popular celebrity Marilyn Monroe seduced (and still continues to seduce) her audiences with her charm, wit and sexual physical features. Many criticized the true value of her talent as her performances in acting, singing, and modeling was enhanced by her winning personality. Thankfully, when it comes to entertainment, the value is measured by each viewer, and many of Marilyn’s viewers were won over becoming her fans.

So, what does that mean for today’s celebrities? Well, since the introduction of HD images, internet (most importantly high speed internet) and YouTube, information if easily distributed. With the ease of information sharing, artist appreciation has shifted. Where before artists would work their craft hoping to win the audience’s admiration, artists are now able to rise in popularity by creating intrigue and even distain. Good publicity or bad publicity, it still makes the subject a popular topic.

That’s right, even when artists flunk in the talent department, they still have a wildcard up their sleeves: leaking their own celebrity sex tape. So many internet users are subjected to porn one way or another, whether we like it or not, the material is shocking, surprising and exciting. In short, this HD, colour image sex tape might be for some artists the only chance to provoke a strong reaction from their audiences.

The sex tapes seem to be indicative of the earlier stages of the star’s career and/or perhaps even the level of immaturity of his or her choices. Not so surprisingly during times of career lows, the following seven celebrities bared it all to keep us all watching and interested.

  1. In the number one spot for sex tapes that we love to hate is Farrah Abraham from the reality TV show Teen Mom. Before Farrah’s sex tape release, her life read like somewhat of a story that underlined the unpredictability of life and the harsh consequences of becoming a teenage single parent. This reflection on the importance, especially for the youth, to practice safe sex, was interrupted with her scandalous and very professional looking sex video. The questionable sale of the sex tape for a whopping $1.5 million makes this star something of a paradox.


  1. Snooki is yet another reality TV star looking for fame in all of the wrong places. I suppose it’s easy to have warped morals when you are famed for all of the terribly embarrassing things you do! Snooki has since cleaned up her act, getting engaged and having a child. Mommy’s going to have a hard time hiding her own sex tape and shielding her child from the trauma that most of us suffered while watching.



  1. Somewhere along the road in Paris Hilton’s search to create a name that glows just as big and bright as her grand-daddy Hilton’s, Paris realized that it was going to take something drastic. The former reality TV star started her search, and after several failed attempts in acting, but before she realized that her sister Nicky has way better fashion sense than she could ever hope to have, she starred in a sex tape that was leaked. Can’t really brag about that one to daddy, but if it’s a popularity contest, this might have gotten her one step closer to her dream.


  1. The Seven Psychopaths star Collin Farrell was busy back in 2005 with acting rehearsals, fatherhood, rehab, and getting caught on tape. Male sex tapes are rare but still equally appreciated, so we were not overly alarmed when his sex tape was released. (Female) fans swooned at the news that the Irish hunk was caught on tape wearing nothing but a mustache. Colin’s sex tape release seemed to have been leaked without his consent since he decided to sue his then girlfriend in 2005. The racy tape certainly captures Colin’s good side with dark but quality image. Needless to say the sexy video has not hurt his career.


  1. Leighton Meester is also known as Blair Waldorf from the hit American TV series Gossip Girl. In the TV series Leighton’s character has a passionate relationship with her on-again off-again boyfriend Chuck Bass (actor Ed Westwick). Throughout the seasons, Leighton and Ed have been filmed tearing off each other’s clothing acting on their adolescent impulses. But, as Marvin Gaye once sang, “Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby…”. Leighton now has a sex tape staring herself as a celebrity alongside the many tapes of her character Blair’s.

  1. Ke$ha is another notorious bad-girl celebrity who has had a sex tape leaked. The teen star started making waves in the music industry at only 18 years old. She has since built a reputation for herself as a carefree party girl. With this rapper-songstress I often find myself wondering which came first, the chicken or the egg. Was Ke$ha always a reckless sex-symbol or did she sing about being a reckless sex-symbol and then believe her own hype?


  1. Kim Kardashian is the mecca of all reality TV stars. Other reality stars are simply taking notes on her life, trying to figure out how they can keep their hungry fans fed with endless outbursts and stunts. Kim’s proved herself a pro by hooking up with one celebrity after the next and sculpting her body with the help of surgery, diet and working out along the way. This mother-to-be might also have a regret or two about releasing sex tapes - even though they successfully highlighted her amazing curves.

These seven celebrities are all famous for their personalities and all starred in their very own sex video, living to tell the tale. Some are a little more talented than others, but they all share one truth: their careers are still going strong and their videos raised interest in their lives. So, now that they have won us over, I guess the only question left to ask is, “When is their next sex tape coming out?”

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