Friday, May 10, 2013

Yet another celebrity sex tape graciously brought to you by "Teen Mom's" Farrah Abraham

This week I had the unbearable pleasure of watching yet another celebrity sex tape. What is it about celebrities wanting to share their most intimate moments with the world? Do they even realize that with internet today it's forever? Unless your a manipulative diva like Beyonce and your ready to fight the whole world wide web chances are your grand children will see you do the naughty.

Farrah Abraham celebrity sex tape

Farrah Abraham astounded everyone with this supposedly leaked sex tape, but people aren’t as stupid as she might think. Everyone knows she paid James Deen to fuck her and that she planned this whole thing all along. What was he thinking accepting her money? Is James Deen a prostitute for accepting money for sex? Prostitute or not he did mighty well in this sex-tape / porno except the fact that his nice juicy dick couldn't get up even if it was going to save his life. Farrah's not that bad is she? Was she so repulsive to him that his limp man meat couldn't even make it up as she sucked it? Couldn't be because he was nervous...he does this all the time, it's his job.

One could think Farrah is a good business woman with her sad and heart wrenching autobiography, a not so good italian sauce, a raspberry sliming pill and a few more trinkets but we all know that stopped at the porno. Who is gonna buy Italian sauce with the face of a girl who can fit 8 fingers up her pussy? I don't know but I know I'll never again see her the same way I did before she came over to the dark side;) Now there’s nothing special about her, she just another whore, just like me...

Farrah Abraham celebrity sex tape

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